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low price Pneumatic Needle Scalers

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Light Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers
Vividly described by another name-Air Needle Guns, a compact marine tools for surface preparation. Reference IMPA CODE 590461 (Model JC-16), can work with twenty-nine 2mm IMPA spare needles for air chisels.
Technical Details:
Working Pressure (BAR)6-8
Strikes per Minute (SPM)4000
Body SizesLength (cm)160
Height (mm)150
Standard Air Inlet TypeRC 3/8" Threaded Pipe Connect End
Optional Air Inlet TypePM30 Quick Connect Coupling End or Customer appointed typelow price Pneumatic Needle Scalers
asked Dec 27, 2018 in Geography by fftty153 (300 points)

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