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Pipe Production Line suppliers

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Flexible duct making machines are used for corrugated pipe making. Corrugated pipe is widely used in automotive wiring harness, electronic, mechanical harnesses and other fields, to replace the original PVC and metal sheathing products, become the harness sheathing products.
Working process of plastic flexible duct making machines                            
Raw material + master batches→mixing→vacuum feeding →material dryness →single screw extruder→extrusion mould→corrugation forming machine→meter measurer→double winder→finished product inspecting &packing
Screw diameter(mm)90654530
Total power(kw)120805020
Pipe range(mm)110-20016-758-502-15
Haul off speed (m/min)10101515
Capacity annually(10km)150150150150Pipe Production Line suppliers
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