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Ground Engaging Tools

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Material: Si Mn Al Cr Mo  Cu Mo Ni
Heat Treatment: Normalizing -quenching-tempering-prescription
Equipment:AOD,Vacuum furnace
Testing:Tensile strength -impact -hardness- Elongation
Bucket Teeth
E3500 EX3600 Bucket Teeth: V81SD V81TV V81SYL
Above item could replace of ESCO SV2 series 75SV2RXX 85SV2SD S95SD
Track Shoe:
EX3500 EX3600 Track Pad: 0003599 Casted By Material 13MnMo1
EX3500 EX3600 Top Roller/Up Roller: 9106007
EX3500 Track Roller: 9066272
Other parts Related:
EX5500 EX5600  Track pads: 0002944 0004093
Customized Track Roller for  EX3500/3600 EX5500/5600 EX8000 by drawing or sample
Customized Drive Tumbler for EX3500/3600 EX5500/5600 EX8000 by drawing or sample
R&D HR design G.E.T replacement mining teeth to substitute ESCO Nemisys / Posilok 92TKHMA WC94A  WC97 112TKHMA ,HENSLEY,VOLVO TOOTH SYSTEM,LIEBHERR Z system.Ground Engaging Tools
asked Dec 25, 2018 in Political Science by p31nqw (300 points)

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