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Seamless Control Line manufacturers

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The injection control lines are available in stainless steel 316L, 304L, incoloy 825, incoloy 625, duplex steel. The chemical injection line can be used to inject chemicals down hole for various applications such as corrosion control, upgrade crude oil, etc.
Doownhole chemical control lines; Subsea umbilical control lines for chemical injection
Material           OD
(inch)Wall Thickness                 (inch)Working Pressure (MPa) Length               (M/Pcs)
316L, 304L,   incoloy825, incoloy625, Duplex1/8”0.025”,   0.035”, 0.049”80--12050--4000
316L, 304L,   incoloy825, incoloy625, Duplex1/4”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--3000
316L, 304L,   incoloy825, incoloy625, Duplex3/8”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2500
316L, 304L,   incoloy825, incoloy625, Duplex1/2”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2000
 Seamless Control Line manufacturers
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